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Before using the Visual Editor

Before using the Visual Editor

Once your WordPress + Padma | unlimited installation is ready and the Padma | unlimited theme is activated, you can begin designing your layouts and customizations by opening the Visual Editor.

However, a design process will flow better if you add content to your website at first.

A proper developed Website should take in special consideration to the content, in order to ease the design process and the preview of the website in the Visual Editor.

Suggestions to get started with a new website:

Create Pages.

If you will have static content that you want people to have quick access to, put this information in WordPress pages. (To start creating a page, in the WordPress admin panel for your website, click Add New in the Pages menu.)

Set Up Your Navigation.

With pages in place, you have something to link to in a WordPress navigation menu. Create any menus you want to appear on your site. For example, you may want a nav bar across the top of the page above your site name and tagline in addition to a menu in a sidebar. (In WordPress, click Menus in the Appearance menu.)

Add a Blog Post or Edit the Default.

A new WordPress installation includes a placeholder post entitled “Hello world!” You may want to add a few test posts and maybe edit the default post. With multiple test posts in place, when you preview your site in the Visual Editor, you can see how your site will behave when the bloggers start posting. You can always delete these test posts when your site is about to go live.

Set a Static Page as the Home Page (Optional).

When WordPress is installed in the site’s root directory, the blog automatically becomes the home page of the site. If your site is primarily a blog, it makes sense to leave it this way. But if you want static content on the home page and the blog as a side feature, follow these instructions.


With this initial content in place, it is easier to start designing your website layouts and customizations trough Padma | unlimited Visual Editor.

It is recommended to install WordPress in the root directory of your server, so you can manage the entire site using WordPress and Padma|Unlimited to take advantage of Padma | unlimited features, such as SEO settings, across the entire web site.


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