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Installation & Recommended server settings

Padma | unlimited – Installation

Follow next easy steps to get our  forever free Theme Builder available on your WordPress installation.

Padma | Unlimited - Installation button

Go to https://padmaunlimited.com/ and click the Download » Button.


Access your WordPress Dashboard. Select Appearance/ Themes in the main menu.

Press the Add new button.

Padma | Unlimited - File Upload

Press the Upload Theme button.

Padma | Unlimited - Upload Theme

Press Choose File button, locate and select the the folder where you downloaded Padma | unlimited beta.

Padma | Unlimited - Locate Theme zip

Select the downloaded file and Press open.

Padma | Unlimited - Select Theme File

Press the Install Now button.

Padma | Unlimited - Activation

When installation is complete, Activate Padma | unlimited theme.

Requirements to use Padma | unlimited theme builder

  • Domain or sub-domain name.
  • Web hosting service.
  • Self-hosted WordPress installation.
  • PHP 7 +.

Web server settings


You will need a domain name for your new WordPress + Padma | unlimited installation. For example padmaunlimited.com is the domain name for our web site.
Get your domain name from the domain registrar of your choice.
Consider that many hosting companies include a free domain name with their Web hosting packages, so be sure of investigate and compare.

Web Hosting

You will need to acquire a web hosting service to install your WordPress + Padma | unlimited theme builder platform. Our recommendation is to make a deep research before choosing a web host and hosting type for your web site.

There are many different types of hosting: Shared hosting, shared hosting designed just for WordPress, Managed VPS, Unmanaged VPS, Dedicated Server, etc. So it is very important to understand the basics about web hosting services to choose the better alternative for your business.

Visit FastComet, SiteGround or PlasmaSoluciones to compare some of our recommended hosting services for a smooth work with WordPress + Padma | unlimited.

Self-Hosted WordPress Installation

Padma | unlimited is a theme framework for the WordPress CMS platform.
Padma | unlimited can only be used with self-hosted WordPress installations, is not designed for use on WordPress.com.

Read the Official WordPress article for more information about the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

Recommended server settings

Padma | Unlimited may work without the values recommend below, but is strongly recommended adjust these values to meet this numbers.

  • Padma | Unlimited require PHP 7+.
  • PHP Post Max Size of 32M or higher. Typically, the default value for this is 8M. If you do not manage your own server, you will need to contact your host company support to determine how to increase this value. Probably your web host may have to do this change.
  • PHP Memory Limit of 256M. Typically, the default value is 64M. If you do not manage your own server, you will need to contact your host company support to determine how to increase this value. The web host support department may have to do this change.


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